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The amazing Website Developer at the e2D World School

The e2D team said he is the most creative member of "e2D World School". He is none other than Niladri Saha. This young man claimed that after enrolling in "e2D World School," his passion and professional life have undergone a notable transformation. He has been making an impact on e2D World School since 2021. He is essentially a genius in Project Management, Scrum leadership, and website creation. He enjoys his profession in the technical sector. He puts in a lot of effort, is very motivated, and excels at keeping his word.

This gentleman is a computer science and engineering major who is pursuing the completion of his BSc coursework at BRAC University. Along with his academic duties, he loves to engage in extracurricular activities. For instance, a few days back he participated in planning a significant event at BRAC University named "Traction". He claims that he is a very reserved individual.

He found it challenging to begin a collective project before joining e2D World School as a result. e2D World School does its best to provide everyone with excellent opportunities to develop and hone their leadership skills. e2D World School has been offering courses or training in topics like "System Thinking, Science of Persuasion, Agile Project management, and other related topics" for people who want to lead a team.

Mr. Niladri initially learned about e2D World School from one of his close friends and joined without hesitation in 2021. Nearly two years have passed since he started his journey with e2D World School. "Our founder Mr. Bari Kahar is such an outstanding mentor; without him, it would be very difficult for me to develop my skills," he claims. In addition, being a student of computer engineering, he has a passion for game development and found his own cozy space at e2d to indulge that interest.

Current projects being worked on by e2d World School include educational development services, personal skill development services, a Daily news podcast, a German language program, and an international art webinar. e2d World School will soon turn into an online university, giving thousands of people the chance to participate in a work-study program.

Poster of Python course called “Python Poops”

Together with one of his coworkers, Mr. Antu Chowdhury, also introduced a "Python" course. Despite having few students in the python program e2d World School have successfully conducted a fruitful semester. They are also planning to launch the program on Udemy as soon as possible.

He believes that Mr. Bari Kahar sir is among the most energized people he has ever encountered.

Additionally, Mr. Bari Kahar was a sunshine-like source of energy.

Whole e2d Bangladesh team and faculty members of Daffodil International University

On the other hand, I have worked on multiple projects at once, including "Excel Project," communication, and partnerships with other peers. Each week in e2D World School, a peer or individual project is assigned, along with a due date for the first draft. The project is then reedited after being reviewed by the group and receiving input. Similar to this, senior members must offer helpful criticism on the project to polish it. After multiple iterations of the effort, an effective result is at last attained.

He already has two faculty members from e2d World School who are from abroad. For instance, Eloiza and I collaborated on a project to collect data. During the project, we used a program named "CLICK UP." I was trained by Ms. Eloiza here for the first time, and I ran it for a while. International faculty members of e2d World School support and advance one another for the betterment of their services. This nonprofit group has already collaborated on a number of initiatives with academics from the United States, Germany, and Brazil.

Here is some personal project from Mr. Niladri:

Because we teach leadership, smart objectives, scrum management, and agile project management at e2D World School, he has already recommended the school to his friends. A wonderful and effective work-study program is also offered by e2d. For instance, e2D fully adheres to Smart Goal; we offer a 60–90 day plan for work, update the amount of work that has been completed, and uphold the deadline for it.

Finally, he wanted to say, "Joining e2D World School was one of my best decisions because I could observe significant changes in myself within a year. I owe everything to the company's founder, Mr. Bari, co-founder, Mrs. Irina, and my team.


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