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Fan-girl from Minnesota

While doing work from home, you definitely wouldn’t want to share your office time with colleagues who are bored with themselves, rather you would want to be engaged with a jolly minded, positive about life yet a workaholic person. Larissa Marques, the project manager and math instructor at Mathnasium in e2D World School is such of that kind. Interestingly, she is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

Before joining e2D World School, Larissa used to work in "Programa Ganhe o Mundo" in Brazil from the year of 2015 to 2016. In 2015, when she was an exchange student in Minnesota, Bari Kahar, the founder of e2D World School was her host father and showed her the Mathnasium and talked more about e2D . However, she became a part of this when she started attending College in 2016 . Back then, she was working as a volunteer at Mathnasium as a Math Instructor and at the same time she was offered a scholarship from her college. When we asked Ms. Larisa about how e2D changed her life perspective, she replied affirmatively and said, "Yes, I learned leadership skills at e2D. For example, when I got trained to manage the staff at e2D and track their project's updates." Added that, Larissa thinks this is a great deal for her. According to her, each learning meditation of the Saturday session held at e2D World School has some profound moment that makes her feel connected to e2D. Furthermore, a very profound moment for Larissa is when she has been working with staff from Bangladesh, the U.S.A, Philippines, Germany, the U.K, on video for YouTube channel of e2D, marketing and social media projects, language programs, IELTS, and more. "Ali Shahriar, Berni, Eloiza are a few of my international colleagues I'm working with currently , '' she added to the same note.

As a matter of joy, e2D has launched one of her videos captioned as "Get to Know Me Better"-

Apart from her daily job life, Larissa loves dancing, ice skating, rock climbing, and traveling. She has also shown her interest in content creation in her YouTube Channel - " Larissa Jackson " which she started in 2013. She creates dance covers, travel vlogs and various other contents. One of her delightful talents is to dance to traditional Bollywood and Bangla songs. Talking about the unique last name 'Jackson' on her YouTube channel, Larissa stated ," I saw Michael Jackson for the first time on tv in 2009 when he died. It was the ‘Black or White’ video and I thought he was amazing. I was mesmerized by his dancing when I was 10 years old. I started listening to his songs and searching about him and eventually buying MJ items, so I’ve been collecting CDs, DVDs, records, shirts, jackets, shoes, action figures, frames, anything and everything related to him for 13 years. "

Larissa was passionate to talk about her recent activity when she got the opportunity to stay at the Michael Jackson Hostel. Added to that, she got to know the MJ hostel existed since its opening. Moreover, when she got a layover in SP, she decided to stay there.'' I know the owner, she’s a good friend of mine and she’s actually coming to the US this year and we are attending a Halloween event at Michael’s house in LA'', said Larissa. When we asked her what she would do if Michael Jackson was alive. She replied, "If Michael was alive, yeah I’d grab a cup of coffee, I would dance with him, read books with him, watch movies, play arcade, or anything he had fun with. I would try to make him happy any chance I got. " Needless to say, it is a pleasure for us to see a diehard fan like Larissa about the famous pop star of the whole world.

Moving back to our conversation with Larissa about e2D, she highly recommended e2D World School because of the various opportunities offered by them in terms of personal and professional growth. One last key point she mentioned about e2D is it teaches collaboration and communication among people from different places in the world. With that being said, joining e2D World School can serve as a great opportunity for everyone in the field of learning experiences.

Written by : Jarin Tasnim

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