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“It helped me shape my punctuality…”

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

As e2D World School strives to bring about changes in the techniques of learning and education, it also provides a space for building leadership skills and self-confidence in individuals who have the potential to emerge as future leaders. Being an online educational platform, e2D World School focuses on work-study programs for students pursuing higher studies and willing to do something productive to flourish their skills alongside earning for the same. Not only are the clients or students benefit here by learning new skills, but the professional members here are too, as they are all chosen from among the fresh youth of the society. Such is the story of a young leader in process, who goes by Jarin Tasnim Twinkle, aka, Jarin.

Jarin is an undergraduate student at BRAC university pursuing her bachelor’s in Biotechnology. She aims to excel in both her major and workspace. She believes in doing her job properly, even if it is a minor thing to do. As an intern and educator in e2D World School, she takes up her challenges sincerely and leaves no stone unturned. Before joining e2D, Jarin had been a part of an International organization, a very renowned organization known as Youth Thinkers’ Society or, in short, YTS. An international event called Thinkers’ Model United Nation took place where she was the secretariat of the event. Many international delegates from different countries had joined this MUN.

Jarin had experienced before what it’s like to lead a whole team. Today, she stepped into this online institution to polish those same skills, from being versatile, interactive, and communicative to managing her tasks, meeting deadlines, and displaying her affection, dedication, and comfort as a tutor. Jarin has a very good grip at anchoring which she has been doing since her undergraduate life and in the semester end programs of Bangla Academia of e2D. When asked about how e2D contributed to changing her life perspective, she said, “e2D has done this several times for me. One such occurrence occurred when I led six scrum calls consecutively, collaborating with my colleagues, keeping them engaged, and noting their 15-minute work updates every day. It helped me shape my punctuality and take the lead among a group of people.

Aside from being a tutor in e2D, Jarin is also the head of content creation in e2D, and she has done a total of six projects of 2 hours in e2D, two of which she mentions to be her favorite. One of those two projects was editing a video for a poem created, recited, and recorded onat the spot. Jarin also mentioned that this particular project was extremely challenging for her as she has been creating content for her YouTube channel. This was a profound moment for her when she felt connected to e2D and the world by realizing her creative space and utilizing it in her workspace. She has also worked with Larissa, an international colleague of e2D from Brazil, a part of e2D’s team building notion that helps the young employees learn how to work collectively and with cooperation.

Bengali vocabulary, making presentations, and editing videos, all of these fall under her category of expertise. Besides her area of expertise, as mentioned before, Jarin also creates YouTube videos as a hobby. She has a YouTube channel of her own named “Twinkle”. Here are some of her creations.

Jarin’s visit to one of the exhibitions at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

Jarin’s tour at TSC, Dhaka University one evening where she captures the essence of refreshment and recreation that you can find when you visit TSC.

Jarin’s YouTube channel:

Other than making videos, she also likes to read books. Jarin has a passion for dancing which too, can be found on her YouTube channel. She knows how to speak in Spanish and even has a series of episodes for giving Spanish lessons called “Spanish Seconds” on her YouTube channel, so maybe when you hear this señora say in the class, “¡Hola a todos! ¿Cómo estás?”, you know who to go to for your spoken Spanish lecciones. Jarin also has a keen taste for sarees which is also her beautiful way of representing the Bengali culture.

As a working individual, Jarin believes that being in e2D is definitely worth her time and efforts. She says that she’ll definitely recommend e2D to her peers because according to her, e2D is a place where you get to evolve yourself. That has been the key thing for her about e2D. If there’s anyone Jarin would encourage to join e2D, it’ll be her juniors and the future leaders of this country because every emerging leader of someday starts from the grooming of the youth that comes after us.

- Fariha Moazzema Raisa

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