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Boss says, “Never come up with a problem…”

What does an organization need the most to run? Administration. Like every other organization, e2D World School, too, has its structure up and about to support its administration sector. And who takes care of most parts of that sector, you ask? None other than Antu Chowdhury, one of the core members of the admin group and our very own web developer and coding genius.

Antu started at e2D as a tutor to the students of Bangla Academia. Before joining e2D, Antu was a private home tutor, just like any other undergrad student in Bangladesh, working part-time. Alongside pursuing his degree in Computer Science and Engineering at BRAC University, he is very active in doing extracurricular activities since his college days. He has been actively engaged in different clubs and organized multiple social events over the years.

Here’s a class recording of Antu facilitating a student learning a Bangla poem.

Antu’s life perspective has changed after coming to e2D. When asked how e2D contributed in doing so, he said that it gave him the platform to discover his capabilities and skills and utilize them. He also said he learned about project management from the training he received from e2D. Yes, as an intern, e2D definitely provides training in understanding your area of work. This online educational service center emphasizes on the work study program to let you study and practice your skills to learn and grow with your community and develop your expertise.

Listen to what Antu says about himself.

For Antu, leadership is the most important thing he learned in e2D. He knows how to manage a team, how to manage meetings, how to get everyone to do a task, how to manage deadlines, etc. He even led the Bangla Academia team of tutors for two semesters. It helped him enhance his communication skills as well. As an example of utilizing his leadership qualities, Antu was one of the panel members in organizing the 21st service exchange day event that was held on 21st of February, 2022. From booking transport, to keeping track of the attendees, to attending the guests, Antu made sure of pulling off the event successfully. Certainly, we all can say that Antu, in fact, is a hard-working emerging leader.

Saturday learning meditation session. It is usually a meeting of an hour or two where everyone related to e2D’s workspace comes together to share their experience and reflect upon their weekly productivity. And this is what has made Antu feel connected to the world and this very platform. Still to this day, Antu joins the Saturday sessions to learn more.

As e2D deals with employees from around the globe, it sure is a spread of culture and variety for the people working here. Larissa Marques and Eloiza Mariano-Serate are two of the many such international colleagues who Antu have worked with. While he managed scrum calls and handled the accounts of e2D with Larissa, he kept track of work, projects, time and resources through ClickUp with Eloiza. He acknowledges that he learned a lot about ClickUp from Eloiza.

Antu says, “e2D is a place where I can learn and be a global citizen.” According to him, it is a place for people to learn and earn at the same time. e2D taught him how to be a leader and how to come up with a solution for a problem. Antu says, “Never come up with a problem. If you find a problem, find the solution to it.” When asked what inspired him to quote this, he referred to the boss, the founder of this organization, Mr Bari Kahar, who always lives by this belief. He quoted his own mentor and I think we can all agree that it was quite lovely of him to do so as his mentee.

Apart from just being a hard-working person, Antu is also a gamer. Yep! A coder and a gamer. A computer science major, we all saw that coming. He loves meeting new people, and he definitely is a foodie. You’d hear him say, “I love to eat.” He also loves singing, traveling, exploring new hobbies and skills. Antu is very grateful towards his friend, Adiba who introduced him to e2D and if possible, he’d love to work with her on this very platform someday. Well, Adiba, we look forward to seeing you here! e2D would definitely be welcoming you cordially if you choose to step in. And as for Antu, we’d all love to see him reaching his heights soon. Surely, Antu developed his competency, evolved in his area of ingenuities and experienced a wonderful journey so far with e2D World School.

And as for Antu, we’d all love to see him reaching his heights soon. Surely, Antu developed his competency, evolved in his area of ingenuities and experienced a wonderful journey so far with e2D World School.

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