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e2D Introduced Service Exchange Day to the World

Organised by: e2D World School

Venue: BRAC CDM, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Date: 21st February 2022

Author: Jarin Tasnim, Intern & learning facilitator, e2D World School

Event organiser : Antu Chowdhury, Ali Shahriar, Jarin Tasnim, Maktum Kainat, Mustakim Masum & Niladri Saha.

The e2D World School organised the world's first Service exchange day on 21st February, with the aim of introducing the workforce and service exchange flow of the year 2222 in the context of the present time. The day started very early in the morning, 9:30 am, with the opening speech by two of the promising hosts, Ms. Jarin Tasnim and Ms. Fariha Moazzema Raisa; two education facilitators of e2D World School. The event started with the national anthem and right after that, all the official guests paid honour to the fearless martyrs who sacrificed their lives to establish the Bangla language. Next, the founder of e2D world School was welcomed on the stage to proceed with the interactive segments of the event. Added more, the co-founder, Mrs. Irina Hossain, Senior Executive Ms. Larissa Marques, Board Member Berni Wall joined virtually. In the first hour, guests were engaged to play a Communication game with the officials of e2D by dividing them among several teams. Added to that, each team consisted of two guests and one e2D core member. In this game consuming 9 minutes, each member would get 3 minutes to talk about why they love themselves by stating the phrase "I love myself because '' and expanding on that. The idea behind this game was to bring the true nature of a person to the surface to facilitate authentic interactions with their assigned groups. First part of the game adjourned for some time when the floor was again handed over to the guest speakers. Needless to say, two of our guest speakers from Daffodil International University spoke about empowerment of youths and shared some of their personal development throughout their lives. On the same note, Mr Rasel Ahmed, owner of 'Come For Road Child ' a community welfare and non profit organisation's head, had given his speech about their function and the initiatives they've taken so far.

Besides this, another fun game did happen where the teams needed to show their gratitude to individual persons among the participants, and as a token of gratitude, the person would invest 2 Million US dollars($) to everyone they mention that they are grateful for any specific reason(s) and would like to invest on them.

In the second hour, the official had an interactive engagement through an imaginary bank investment play where the leaders from the e2D core team promised to double the investments. Each and every hour of working engagements were done in a very organised manner by Mr. Bari Kahar, the founder of e2D.

At the last hour, by 4:30 pm, the Socials took place. Most of the officials had taken part in various fields of entertainment. To elaborate more, Mr. Shahriar on guitar and Mr. Mustakim with vocals had amazed the guests with the 90's nostalgic 'Neela'. Ms. Mourita gives us a surprise by singing an Anupam Roy Song "Ekhon Onek Raat" with her mesmerising voice. Apart from singing, Ms. Jarin had touched everyone's heart with her poem recitation "Janen Dada, Amar Cheler Bangla ta Thik Ashe na," keeping the International Mother language perspective in her mind. The socials ended with a singing performance from one of our guests Md. Daniel. The event was covered solely by the Daffodil media lab.

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