A Future Physics Professor or A Movie Freak?

In an attempt to present to the world more future leaders, e2D world school embarks on a journey to disclose yet another hidden gem from its treasure chest. Another teacher, another contributor to e2D’s rise, Zohara Kamal, every kid’s favorite and our very own Bangla tutor of e2D Bangla Academia. While there are so many other gems cast away inside e2D’s treasure box, it is Zohara’s turn now to shine.

Zohara Kamal is an undergraduate student of BRAC University, majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She is experienced in home tutoring. Since january, 2021, she has been with the people of e2D. She loves to acquire knowledge and is a very fast learner. Her good command of proper communication over herself drove her to carry on very well with the duties and responsibilities she has abided by all this while at e2D. She also loves challenges and can work under pressure, which she had already proved time and again, working in e2D.

When asked about how e2D played a role in changing her life perspective, Zohara said, “e2D has given me a new experience of learning and gathering knowledge. I've worked in various sectors and tried to gather leadership qualities.” Zohara has had a large role to play in creating and outlining the curriculum of Bangla Academia. As children of bengali descendants from different parts of the world come to explore bangla language and its root and culture, she made sure to shape a curriculum of understanding and learning bangla in a manner that is both easy and interesting to find. Children of Bangla Academia love her. She gets along with them so very well that even the parents prefer her the most. After all, e2D is all about facilitating learning in a way that would help ignite interest instead of following the monotonous traditional manner of acquiring knowledge in any person, be it a child or an adult.

Here’s a glimpse on how she gets along with the kids.

Zohara in a group class

Zohara helping the girls learn a bangla poem - cring cring telephone.

Zohara’s teaching session with Chora and Nayrika

Zohara being cute with one of her students.

Zohara with Anaya

Zohara has also been a part of the administration sector before, which contributed to her gathering leadership qualities. Therefore, she does possess a good grip over whatever task she’d be doing, which is what a leader needs the most, a good commandment over their own actions. Zohara believes that the profound moment she has found is unity that made her feel connected to e2D and to the world through this platform. She elaborated more on this by bringing up the talks of peer reviews, or assigning one’s work to another. Communication is the most vital point for her in this regard, as stated by Zohara herself, since this is what she believes has helped the e2D community as a whole maintain unity.

Zohara’s bio in her own words.

Zohara’s profile video

Being a core member of e2D for a year, Zohara has gotten to know and worked with many international figures and faculties. One of them was Berni, an educator and IELTS instructor. About Berni, she tells us that she gained insights and had a lot to learn from her, most importantly. She also mentioned the parents of the Bangla Academia students who advised her about life and experience abroad as well as what could help her in pursuing her field of study.

Her love for teaching English, Math and Physics makes her want to be a Physics professor someday. Even though her career choices might seem like a really studious one, Zohara is an amicable admirer of food, movies, anime and clicking pictures. She loves going out and would simply become your guide if you’re new in her area. She gets along very well and knows how to manage a group, even on an outing. She becomes the heart of the group wherever she goes. Leadership qualities, is it not?

Some of the food pictures taken by Zohara.

As a member of this work-study program, Zohara tells us that leadership is the most important thing that e2D World School teaches. Managing scrum calls, Bangla group classes, creating semester curriculums were the grounds in polishing her skills as a leader and amongst them time management was her most prominent outcome. She feels that working in e2D is worth the shot and she’d definitely recommend her workplace to her friends as e2D provides the goal of experiencing, evolving and developing all at the same time.

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