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IELTS Mock test question Making

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Eagan, MN, USA

IELTS Mock Test



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Mahmuda Junainah


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About the Role:

IELTS Question maker for e2D's IELTS mock tests


Question Creation: Develop authentic and high-quality IELTS mock test questions for various sections of the exam, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Content Review: Ensure the accuracy, relevance, and alignment of mock test questions with the IELTS test format, guidelines, and scoring criteria.

Diversity and Variety: Create a wide range of question types and difficulty levels to provide comprehensive test preparation materials for different levels of IELTS candidates.

Feedback Integration: Incorporate feedback from test takers and educators to improve the quality and effectiveness of mock test questions.

Documentation and Organization: Maintain detailed records of the questions created, organize question sets, and ensure the availability of test preparation materials for candidates.


English Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English, with a strong command of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as an understanding of the IELTS test format.

Teaching or IELTS Experience: Experience as an English language teacher or IELTS tutor is highly desirable, as it provides insight into the specific needs and challenges of test takers.

Knowledge of IELTS: A deep understanding of the IELTS test structure, scoring criteria, and question types is essential for creating accurate and relevant mock test questions.

Research Skills: The ability to research and stay updated on current IELTS trends, question types, and test-taking strategies to ensure the mock questions are current and aligned with the test.

Creative Writing Skills: Strong creative writing skills to craft engaging and challenging questions that simulate the actual IELTS test experience.

About the Company

e2D World School is a world-class academic institution based in Minnesota, USA. We have a range of services that include Language and Art, Math and Science, Dual-Diploma for High School and College students. Our unique offering combines traditional classroom learning and Experiential Learning through transitional employment, study abroad, civic engagement, and education entrepreneurship programs. Before anyone can be an e2D lifelong learning member, the scholar must become an earned staff member of the program.

We believe: "To learn you must earn as well".

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