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English Language Training

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Eagan, MN, USA

Skill Development Training



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Bayzid Khandakar


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About the Role:

Will train how to English speak fluently


Curriculum Development: Create or adapt English language training materials, lesson plans, and curricula tailored to the needs of learners in Bangladesh.

Instruction and Feedback: Deliver engaging and effective online English language lessons, provide feedback on students' performance, and encourage active participation.

Assessment and Progress Tracking: Administer assessments to gauge students' language proficiency, track their progress, and adjust teaching methods accordingly.

Cultural Integration: Integrate cultural aspects and real-world scenarios into language training to help learners become more effective communicators in both professional and everyday contexts.

Support and Resources: Offer additional resources, such as study materials, reference guides, and language practice opportunities, to assist students in their language learning journey.


English Proficiency: Native or near-native fluency in English, with an excellent command of grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Teaching Certification: A teaching certification such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is highly beneficial.

Teaching Experience: Prior experience as an English language instructor, tutor, or trainer, with a strong understanding of effective language teaching methods and strategies.

Cultural Sensitivity: An awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences and an ability to adapt teaching methods to the needs of diverse learners, particularly those in Bangladesh.

Technology Skills: Proficiency in using online teaching platforms, video conferencing tools, and educational software for remote language training.

About the Company

e2D World School is a world-class academic institution based in Minnesota, USA. We have a range of services that include Language and Art, Math and Science, Dual-Diploma for High School and College students. Our unique offering combines traditional classroom learning and Experiential Learning through transitional employment, study abroad, civic engagement, and education entrepreneurship programs. Before anyone can be an e2D lifelong learning member, the scholar must become an earned staff member of the program.

We believe: "To learn you must earn as well".

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