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Creating club for emergency CPR and AED

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Eagan, MN, USA

Skill Development Training



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Bonnhi Prova Mondol


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About the Role:

I am trying to make a team who will be CPR trained and our team will have an AED machine. AED is not available everywhere in India or Bangladesh. We will give CPR and AED help in a specific area i.e college area to the patient who need it in emergency. Also we will provide any kind of medical first aid help to people. Our team will give CPR training too..


Club Formation: Establish and organize a CPR and AED club, recruit members, and create a clear mission and vision for the club's goals.

Training and Education: Develop training programs and educational materials to teach club members and the community about CPR and AED usage, ensuring they are up to date with the latest guidelines and best practices.

Community Outreach: Promote the club's activities and mission to the local community in Bangladesh through various channels, including social media, local events, and partnerships with local organizations.

Club Coordination: Plan and coordinate club meetings, training sessions, and events, both in-person and online. Keep members engaged and informed about upcoming activities.

Resource Management: Manage the club's resources, including budgeting, fundraising, and equipment procurement. Ensure that the club is well-equipped to respond to emergencies effectively.


CPR and AED Certification: The candidate should hold a valid CPR and AED certification, demonstrating a strong understanding of life-saving techniques and emergency response procedures.

Medical Background: A background in healthcare, nursing, or a related field is preferred. Knowledge of basic medical terminology and procedures is a plus.

Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and organizational skills are essential for creating and managing a CPR and AED club effectively. The candidate should be able to inspire and motivate club members.

Communication: Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, are necessary to coordinate club activities, engage with members, and promote the club's mission.

Technical Proficiency: Basic computer skills and familiarity with online communication tools (e.g., email, social media, virtual meetings) are important for remote club management.

About the Company

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