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Coding Assistance

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Eagan, MN, USA

Content Development



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Rupom Biswas


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About the Role:

Help with coding assistance in Machine Learning Project


Code Review and Feedback: Review code submissions from learners or developers, identify errors, and provide constructive feedback to help them improve their coding skills.

Debugging Assistance: Assist individuals in identifying and resolving coding errors and bugs in their projects or codebases through clear and effective guidance.

Coding Guidance: Offer guidance on coding best practices, algorithms, data structures, and software design to help individuals improve their coding proficiency.

Online Support: Be available to answer questions and provide assistance through online platforms, forums, chat, or video conferencing as per the job requirements.

Documentation and Resources: Create documentation, tutorials, or resources that can help learners or developers improve their coding skills and self-sufficiency.


Programming Knowledge: Proficiency in one or more programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, C++, or others, depending on the specific role.

Problem-Solving Skills: Strong problem-solving abilities to help individuals or teams overcome coding challenges, debug issues, and develop efficient solutions.

Communication Skills: Effective communication to understand coding problems, explain solutions clearly, and provide assistance through written or verbal communication.

Patience and Empathy: The ability to patiently assist and empathize with individuals who may be struggling with coding tasks, especially beginners.

Time Management: The capability to manage time efficiently, meet deadlines, and provide prompt assistance to those seeking coding help.

About the Company

e2D World School is a world-class academic institution based in Minnesota, USA. We have a range of services that include Language and Art, Math and Science, Dual-Diploma for High School and College students. Our unique offering combines traditional classroom learning and Experiential Learning through transitional employment, study abroad, civic engagement, and education entrepreneurship programs. Before anyone can be an e2D lifelong learning member, the scholar must become an earned staff member of the program.

We believe: "To learn you must earn as well".

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