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Part-Time Emergency Response and Telemedicine Doctor

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Job Summary: 

We are seeking six (6) MBBS-qualified Medical Doctors in Bangladesh to join our team as Part-Time Emergency Response and Telemedicine Doctors. These individuals will provide crucial training in emergency response techniques and offer medical consultation services via telemedicine. The role includes an on-call component, requires a proficiency in English, the ability to manage projects effectively, and an active social media presence.


1. Emergency Response Training and On-Call Duty (10 hours/week):
- Facilitate emergency response training sessions with up-to-date medical knowledge.
- Be readily available to respond to on-call emergencies and provide expert guidance.
- Continuously update training materials based on the latest emergency medical research and protocols.

2. Telemedicine Consultations (10 hours/week):
- Conduct remote medical consultations and follow-ups with patients.
- Utilize provided laptop and high-speed internet to deliver quality care via telehealth platforms.
- Maintain thorough electronic medical records for all patient interactions.

3. Professional Development and Certification:
- Successfully complete the Google Project Management Certification within 2-4 months of hire.
- Commit to becoming proficient in English and prepare for IELTS if necessary, with the prospect of transitioning to a full-time role within 4 months.

4. Social Media Engagement:
- Maintain a strong and professional social media presence to promote emergency response initiatives.
- Engage with the online community to raise awareness and educate the public on emergency preparedness.


- MBBS degree from a recognized university in Bangladesh.
- Valid medical license to practice in Bangladesh.
- Ability to communicate effectively in English and conduct telemedicine consultations.
- Commitment to complete Google Project Management Certification within the specified timeframe.
- Access to a laptop with high-speed internet for virtual training and telemedicine services.
- Willingness to enhance social media presence and engage with online health communities.
Preferred Skills:
- Strong interpersonal skills for effective patient communication and training.
- Experience in emergency medicine or a related specialty.
- Good command of additional languages beyond English and Bengali.
- Proven ability to manage time effectively and meet educational milestones.

What we Offer!

- Competitive salary with incentives for certification completion and language proficiency.
- Opportunity for full-time employment following a successful 4-month period.
- Support for IELTS preparation and certification costs.
- A collaborative and dynamic work environment that values innovation and community impact.

Application Process:

Qualified candidates should submit an application including a CV, a cover letter detailing relevant experience and motivation for the role, proof of medical credentials, and evidence of social media engagement. Please also outline your availability for transitioning to a full-time position.

Join our team at e2D World School and Financial to lead the charge in global emergency response education and telemedicine services, leveraging your medical expertise and passion for community welfare.

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